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What to expect

You might feel nervous when consulting with a psychologist or therapist for the first time. That’s completely normal (we get it!). The minute you step into our office, we ensure that you feel comfortable, and at ease, as we walk you through each step of the process and answer your questions.

Although the process might be different depending on the type of consultation, you can expect professionalism, friendliness and empathy. Your goals are the priority, and we’ll always do whatever we can to help you reach them.

How we help

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Performance Enhancement

You train your body, so train your mind. Achieve your potential through our performance enhancement coaching. Learn proven mental skills to help you make the most of your physical training.

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Educational Assessment

Understand your learning strengths and weaknesses. Identify challenges, like ADHD or learning disabilities. Discover ways to learn more efficiently and achieve your potential.

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Career Assessment

Unsure about what you’d like to study at college or university? Finally get into the post-secondary program of your dreams and it’s not what you thought it would be? Feeling stuck in your current job and looking for a career change? Our unique Compass Rose career assessment can help to identify an academic and career path in line with your aptitude, learning skills, personality, and interests. This assessment is suitable for senior high school students wanting to plan for post-secondary school, post-secondary students trying to decide on a program and future career, and adults seeking a career change. Don’t leave your future to chance! Get the key information you need to make an informed decision about your future and to map out your personalized path to success.

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Counselling & Therapy

We work to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and improve problem areas like sleep, self-esteem, assertiveness and more. Our approach is largely based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Attachment Theory.

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Meet the team

Events & Talks

MOODment Program

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, and low mood? Would you like to learn more about the mental health and brain benefits of exercise? Do you want to begin using physical activity to relieve stress…

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Emotional Wellness Group

Do you sometimes feel that your stress, anxiety, or anger takes over? Do you feel controlled by your thoughts and emotions? Would you like to learn ways to reduce your emotional distress and better manage stress and…

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Health & Wellness Expo

We’re excited to be part of the upcoming Health and Wellness Expo at Budweiser Gardens on January 12, 2020 from 10am-5pm. The expo will to bring together local health and wellness professionals to share ideas, techniques…

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Train Smart, Race Smart: Sport Psychology Workshop for Runners

As a runner, you spend countless hours pounding the pavement, logging your km’s, buying the best gear, and giving your body the right fuel, but have you trained your mind? Runners at all levels can…

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Race Smart: Sport Psychology Tips for your Best Race

You’ve charted every long run, hard workout, and recovery effort for the past 10-16 weeks to prepare for your upcoming race. But have you trained your mind? Now that your physical training is complete, your…

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London Psyching Team

Invite us out to your next marathon or half-marathon! We are a group of psychologists and students in psychology and kinesiology who are on-site at the race to offer positive support and mental strategies to…

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