MOODment Program

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, and low mood? Would you like to learn more about the mental health and brain benefits of exercise? Do you want to begin using physical activity to relieve stress and boost your mood and brain power?

Join the MOODment, a 10-week exercise and mental health group designed to teach you about the mental health benefits of exercise and to help you get moving. Each 1.5 hour weekly session involves moderate intensity exercise in a positive, supportive group atmosphere, a healthy snack break, and an educational talk/discussion on a range of topic areas.

Not a regular exerciser? Perfect! This group is particularly well-suited to people who aren’t regular exercisers and who would like to gradually add in more movement to their day.


When: Tuesdays from 3-4:30pm, October 15-December 10, 2019

Where: King’s University College - Western University

Cost: $400**

Call (519-280-6697) or email ( for more information and/or to sign up!

*WINTER GROUP: * TBA Let us know if you’d like to receive information about this group as details are confirmed.

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Winter Session:

TBA On campus @ King’s University College - Western University

Emotional Wellness Group

Do you sometimes feel that your stress, anxiety, or anger takes over? Do you feel controlled by your thoughts and emotions? Would you like to learn ways to reduce your emotional distress and better manage stress and challenges?

Join our 8-week Emotional Wellness Group!

This group is designed to enhance your emotional resilience and wellness using proven evidence-based strategies (e.g., ACT, DBT, mindfulness). Emotional wellness underlies your overall health and well-being and it is critical for your success at school, work, and in everyday life. Learn how to better regulate your emotions, to relax and manage stress, to get out of your head and not get stuck in thinking traps, and to strengthen your social connections and supports.


When: Thursdays @ 7-9pm, January 23-March 12, 2020

Where: 560 Wellington Street, 5th Floor, Unit 3, London ON

Cost: $75/session ($600 total)

*The cost for this 18 hour group is equivalent to about 3 hours of individual therapy in the community. Most insurance plans cover services with a registered Psychologist.

Call (519-280-6697) or email ( for more information or to sign up!

Upcoming events

Winter Session:

January 23-March 12, 2020 Thursdays, 7-9pm @ our office - 560 Wellington St.5th floor, Unit 3

Health & Wellness Expo

We’re excited to be part of the upcoming Health and Wellness Expo at Budweiser Gardens on January 12, 2020 from 10am-5pm.

The expo will to bring together local health and wellness professionals to share ideas, techniques and products which encompass mind, body and spirit. Educational seminars and hands-on demonstrations will take place throughout the day.

We’ll be there to share information on our services and some practical tips and tricks on some key topics related to mind-body health and wellness, such as:

  • Sport psychology for everyone - from athletes, to weekend warriors,to non-exercisers,we can all benefit from using proven mental skills strategies to perform at our best

  • Exercise promotion - transforming your love/hate, on-and-off relationship with exercise into one that’s more positive, consistent, and long-term

  • The MOODment program - our unique group intervention designed to help you to become more aware of the mental health/cognitive benefits of physical activity and to get moving and start using exercise as a tool to boost your mental health

  • Emotional wellness

  • Mindfulness

Come and check out our table to chat and grab some user-friendly resources. We hope to see you there!

More information on this event is available at: []

Upcoming events

January 12, 2020

10am-5pm Budweiser Gardens

Train Smart, Race Smart: Sport Psychology Workshop for Runners

As a runner, you spend countless hours pounding the pavement, logging your km’s, buying the best gear, and giving your body the right fuel, but have you trained your mind? Runners at all levels can benefit from learning to use their minds to their advantage in order to perform at their very best, both during training and on race day. Through this 2-part intensive workshop you’ll learn proven sport psychology strategies to help you to get the most out of your physical training and to reach your peak performance. You’ll leave with some new skills and a wealth of resources and materials to help you to put these strategies into action during your training. The small group format also means you’ll get individualized attention to help you to create your own personal plan for success. This group is open to runners at any level of performance/competition.

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Race Smart: Sport Psychology Tips for your Best Race

You’ve charted every long run, hard workout, and recovery effort for the past 10-16 weeks to prepare for your upcoming race. But have you trained your mind? Now that your physical training is complete, your mind will either limit you or allow you to get 100% of what your body can deliver on race day. Why leave it up to chance? This informal talk is designed to teach you some basic sport psychology strategies to help you perform at your very best on race day. It’s offered regularly through local running and triathlon clinics. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to present at your next clinic.

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London Psyching Team

Invite us out to your next marathon or half-marathon! We are a group of psychologists and students in psychology and kinesiology who are on-site at the race to offer positive support and mental strategies to help runners run their best race. Commonly used peak performance strategies include goal setting, relaxation training, imagery, positive self-talk, and affirmations. You’ll find us at the start line for those last minute mental strategies (and a friendly face) and on foot at various locations along the course. Feel free to flag us down and we’ll talk you through the rough spots. We’ll even provide support to you by running or walking with you to help you push through to the finish. We’ll also be available after the race to help you put your best spin on the race or, if necessary, to help you to cope with a crisis or disappointment. We also provide:

  1. information handouts and resources to runners and
  2. instructional and motivational signs along the route.

Get in touch if you’d like to add the Psyching Team to your next race.

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